Hello to all... 
I am a mother of two, to mostly lovely, sometimes a little bit cheeky children! A boy age 6 and a girl age 13

With a background ranging from Children's social care and qualifications in Health related exercise for children, I have always taken a very strong interest in our mini me's!!
That coupled with a Mother and Father that were in the textile manufacturing industry for years, I like to think I have combined two of my passions!

So after pegging up yet another blanket Den for George, which usually consists of the dinning table and chairs, there it was.. my eureka moment!
Why not make something that's portable, good fun, looks nice and encourages endless possibility's of play.
So...a great talented sewing team with years of experience between them were hunted down, products tested to CE regulations and here we are .....

 George has been in Teepee heaven throughout the testing process and is just as partial to a ditsy floral print to a pirate design!
I hope you enjoy our site xx